Tracks and Rarities

Samba JVE MashUp (Robert Lamm)
Robert Lamm
John Van Eps, producer

Saturday in the Park (Robert Lamm)
Robert Lamm
Latin (outtake) pre-New York Latin All-Stars: John Van Eps, producer

Storm (Arise)
Robert Lamm
Track outtake – alternate Bridge: Hank Linderman, producer

COME TO ME, DO (Robert Lamm)
Robert Lamm
Jay DeMarcus, producer for Chicago

THIS IS NOT AMERICA (David Bowie, Pat Metheny, Lyle Mays)
Gerry Beckley, Robert Lamm
Bobby Woods, producer for Les Deux Love Orchestra

A MAN AND A WOMAN – Duet (Francis Lai)
Marina Celeste, Robert Lamm
John Van Eps, Producer

BRIGHT EYES (Robert Lamm)
Robert Lamm
John Van Eps, Producer

I’ve worked with John Van Eps (“JVE”) since about 1990. My solo work over the years has brought me great satisfaction, most of all, because of the friendships that have resulted, in addition to the actual music. At the start of a long residency in NYC, I began an active period of writing and recording after relocating from Cali. I depend on his musicianship, enthusiasm and humor. I trust his ears and adventurous mind.

Bobby Woods is another zen master, whom I consider an archivist of great music, but also a gifted musician and songwriter . He has recorded a number of eclectic albums under the artist name “Les Deux Love Orchestra” ( I was introduced to him through Gerry Beckley while working on “Like a Brother” (Beckley Lamm Wilson). Bobby is always keen to make new music, and someday I’d like to do an entire project with him.

Hank Linderman, my West Coast friend and producer, have a deep musical connection, begun while working with BLW. The subsequent RL albums Hank patiently produced are the most satisfying of my career. Always willing to go the the distance in service to the music, his songwriting, his guitar, singing, mixing & fixing, and hospitality made an environment where I thrive, creatively, always.

Hope you enjoy – Robert Lamm